What is Subch ?

Subch is a global MANGA translation platform.
This is the attempt to translate MANGA to multiple languages by MANGA fans.

We would like your support passionately.
By translating MANGA in your language, their fun will be spread in your own country.

How do I open an account ?

You can just signup by your Facebook account with no registration fee.

How many languages you can support ?

Only valid for English now.
However we are eager to support all languages on this planet.

How about copyrights ?

All MANGA on Subch is with authorization of the creator or the copyright's owner.


What is Write?

MANGA pages are displayed in random order.
Enter your translations to each Japanese text.(You also can skip them and go the next page.)
If your translation is adopted, your name is listed in the end of book as honored translators forever.

Only English ?

Only valid for English now.
Please request your language here.


What is Review?

Push the GOOD or BAD button to each translations in order to control the quality of these translations.
Only translations earned higher ratio (over 80%) of GOOD is available as subtitles on MANGA.


What is Read?

You can read MANGA for free as soon as all text in each books is translated.

Other questions

If you can not find your answers, feel free to contact us here.
We will get back to you as soon as we can.