Privacy Policy

1 Legal compliance

We comply with all obligations stipulated in legal guidelines regarding the safe handling of personal information and related regulations. (Here, "personal information" refers to any information that makes it possible to determine a person's identity.) 

1 法令の遵守


2 Use of personal information

Aside from instances when we have prior permission from the person and it is permitted by law, we do not use personal information except when doing so is essential for achieving previously stated goals.
1) To confirm your identity on the site
2) To send you email with site and other information
3) To improve site services
4) To respond to official inquiries regarding disputes, lawsuits, or other legal action

2 利用目的の範囲

(1) 当サイトにおける本人確認のため
(2) 当サイト情報などの電子メールを送付するため
(3) 当サイトのサービス向上のため
(4) 紛争、訴訟、法律に基づく正式な照会を受けた場合などへの対応のため

3 Obtaining personal information

1) Once a user becomes an account holder by going through our account registration procedures, we reserve the right to retain and make use of their personal information until such time as they deactivate their account holder status. 
2) The information you provide to our site is information that can be obtained by linking to your Facebook account.
3) Websites linked to advertising through this service may request that users enter their personal information or may automatically collect it. Note that this policy does not apply to such personal information so entered or collected.

3 個人情報の取得


4 Security control measures

We manage necessary and appropriate safety measure in accordance with the latest technology and correct as necessary so that we can strive to keep the content accurate and updated to the extent necessary for the purpose personal information that has been entrusted to us, and to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, loss, a damaged, etc.

4 安全管理措置


5 Third-party disclosure

The personal information will not be provided to the third parties without the authorization, except for cases permitted by law.

5 第三者への提供


6 Use of Cookies

In this site, there is a case that the information called cookies to be sent to your compute and the information is stored in a memory or hard disk of the users.
Cookies are intended to be used for the purpose for offering behavioral targeting, and traffic study for a better service, but not invade your network environment or your privacy.
By changing the configuration, it is possible to stop the function of cookies, but in such a case it will stop the use of some the services.

6 クッキーの使用


7 Security

Account management is under the responsibility of the account holder. In use of our service, account holder need to pay attention so that the person other than the account holder does not log in.
Especially an account holder is using network environment where sharing PC with other person is mandatory such as company, school, library, hotel, and net cafe, make sure to log out after use otherwise, personal information will leak to other persons.

7 セキュリティ


8 Revisions to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to update our privacy policy without the prior consent of our users. All users must agree to this condition. We will notify you of any privacy policy revisions in the course of providing our services.

8 プライバシーポリシーの改定


9 Response to feedback and questions

We will respond appropriately to feedback and questions regarding the disclosure, modification, termination of use, deletion, etc. of personal information based on legal provisions.

9 ご意見・ご相談への対応