Term of Service

1 The treatment of personal information

We treat with the personal information appropriately based on “privacy policy”.

1 個人情報の取扱い


2 Licensing of images

1) The copyright of images of pages displayed on this website shall belong to the author who created the work. 

2) Otherwise, the copyright of images/HTML/text/resource of the program shall belong to out company. 

3) Users are strictly prohibited the secondary use and the disclosure of images/HTML/text/resource of the program through internet access. 

4) In regards to the author rights of text that users write to this website,
at the point when users have written text, the content is transferred completely to this company, and the company can use the corresponding text in any of the operations of the publications used.
However, in regards to the corresponding postings, the company assumes that the user who posts the content consents to the use of the text.
5) Users shall not exercise any kind of claims of the right to our company in relation to the ownership of rights of the text. 
6) The user agrees not to raise any objection with this website In regards to the deletion of postings by the operating company, and the deletion of account information registered by the user that includes all other correspondence.

2 画像等の使用許諾




3 Prohibitions

Users who use this service will be prohibited to perform the following acts.

1) Violate applicable laws, regulations and these terms

2) Prejudice the rights, interest, honor,etc of our company and other third party.

3) Acts which may affect negative impact on young people's mind and body and other act which may violate public order and morals

4) Acts that cause nuisance or displeasure to other users and other third party

5) Unauthorized access to our company's computer such as server

6) Send or write harmful computer programs and e-mails etc

7) Rent, transfer a password to a third party or share a password with other party
8) Entering the false information
9) The other thing we judge inappropriate

3 禁止事項









4 Suspension and stopping of service

In order to maintain an operation in good condition, our website sometimes stops providing whole or part of this service without notification if it falls under the following items.

1) Case that is necessary for regular maintenance of the system and maintenance of emergency

2) Case where there are many loads at the system

3) Case where operation of the system is difficult due to fire, power outage and blocking, etc.

4) Other than above, case where our company decides that it is necessary to stop the system by unavoidable reason.

4 サービスの中断・停止






5 Change and abolition of service

Our company may change and abolish at its convenience whole or part of the service by our decision without prior notification.

5 サービスの変更・廃止


6 Exemption

1) Our company shall not be liable for suspension, delay and stopping of the system as well as loss of data due to breakdown of communication circuit and computer, etc., damage caused as a result of illegal access to data and damage caused for users in respect with our service at all.
2) Our company shall not be liable for compensation for the damage that was caused when users violate this contract ,etc. at all
3) We make an effort to maintain contents of this website as correctly as possible.
However, we cannot guarantee correctness, completeness, trustfulness and newness of the contents listed.

6 免責事項



7 Revision of this contract

1) We can change this contract by decision of our company all the time at discretion.

2) The use of the contract after the changing is effect when it is listed on this website except for the case where we determine separately.

3) In case where a user uses this service after the change of this contract becomes effective, we regard that you agree to whole parts of the contract of use after the change.

7 本規約の改定


8 Governing law and Jurisdiction

If there arises a dispute in respect with this contract, we agree that all the disputes shall be exclusively brought in the district court which has jurisdiction of location of main office of our company for the first instance.

8 準拠法、管轄裁判所